Thursday, 20 February 2014

Trends and things

This experiment came out of some informal research I did today at work into floral designs with black backgrounds. I found some inspiring reference material on the web and drew this. I'm not hugely pleased with it - drawing on the iPad has limitations in that I can only use 16 editable layers and once I move an element off the edge it gets cropped. Still, it kept me quiet for an hour or so and made a change from drawing cats and birds which I have been doing a lot of recently.

Since visiting Spring Fair at the NEC a few weeks ago I have become far more interested in design trends. Partly because it has now become important to me in how I develop my own artwork (and that at work of course) and also because it is a wonderful excuse to just browse the web and look for interesting pictures. I use Pinterest now as a personal resource for collecting illustration and design reference material.

I have also begun to experiment with acrylic paints and I am developing a vision and strategy for doing something new but at the moment that is being kept under wraps and I'm not sharing my ideas on this publicly yet. Some new digital artwork ideas are also evolving alongside but I need to work out how to implement these as I don't have the luxury of a modern digital studio at home - just a slow rather old one that might just about work but I haven't had time yet to sit down and power up to see what will happen. Or else I just downscale everything to the iPad and use that 'cos, actually, it does much of what I want to do pretty well - and more affordably! 

So lots of creative thoughts flying around. Must be springtime.

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