Friday, 15 July 2016


Facebook has always been a source of fascination. Here, regular details of Friends activities can be found with interesting images, photos, videos, quotes, jokes, thoughts and so much more. Great. I could spend hours weaving through what other people have been up to. I enjoyed posting a few pictures every so often and hopefully guiding a few people towards my blogsite and exploring things further there. However, I began to wonder whether this constant deluge of information was actually useful to me.

I was listening to a snippet of Radio 2 the other evening where a lady was being interviewed about the book she had written on introverts and extroverts. Maybe I need to acknowledge more the introvert side of me for a while and not try to force my self to feel that I have to conform to the social media expectations I had placed upon myself. Give it a break. Why not allow myself some freedom from the online chattering of others and focus on what I think and not be influenced by what others think. Find some release from the digital addiction from news and communication that pervades everything around me.

A couple of nights ago when trying to get to sleep my brain was churning over the pros and cons of ditching all the newsfeeds from my 'Friends' for a couple of months. I hardly use Facebook, but even so, the thought of doing so seemed rather frightening and very unsociable. Now I have taken the leap of faith and it is bye bye Facebook - no posting and no reading until October 1st, 2016. Then I will review the situation. I keep encouraging people to look at my blogsite rather than rely on Facebook posts so now that is where I will be devoting my attention. There will be my place of expression and I would rather a few valued people followed me rather than a hoard of people I hardly know or who show no interest in me.

Right then. Off I go.

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