Sunday, 14 August 2016

New beginnings?

It feels a long time since I have sat in a field, or anywhere in the countryside and just had a quiet time. I have cycled up onto some nearby hills on a cloudy and warmish summer morning. Many of the fields have been combined and I have just seen a farmer drive round one field checking whether some wheat was ready to harvest. It was and a Class Lexion 770 combine appeared later on much to my delight.

It is quiet. Apart from the usual distant background hum of planes and cars the most immediate sounds around me are an occasional fly, a few birds and crows and the rustling of maize leaves in the breeze. There seems to be lots of tiny spiders everywhere.

Having just returned from a week in Kent it is refreshing to be back in some more open countryside. Kent felt rather claustrophobic with high hedges and tree-enclosed winding roads. I didn't feel I got to know the landscape much beyond various National Trust gardens and a few beaches. Rye was very picturesque and I would like to go back there again.

Strange though it may seem, one of the most inspiring things was looking through the window of an art gallery in Cranbrook that had unfortunately closed a few minutes earlier. There I saw some artwork that seemed, at last, to instil in me a vision for where I could take my own personal artwork. I also saw some interesting art in a gallery in Rye. What I need to do now is to settle down and get a few things worked up and then see how they develop and what reaction get. I am excited as I have had a few false starts in the past few years. Now I have something that I am sure I can truly grab hold of and hopefully I will add a bit of a craft element to my artwork as well which could be fun. Things often take time with me. I have to be patient and then things are shown to me at the appropriate time. I will post something when I am ready.

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