Friday, 29 February 2008

For J R

Remember that each day
Is a day for you to welcome
To reach for and receive with open hands.
It is your landscape:
Of things to experience, sense and value.

Look for things that inspire you
Things that form passion in your soul.
They may be small, they may be great;
Things that you can share with others
Or things that are significant only to you.

There is creation all around you
And there is creation forming inside:
A new life, a new soul,
A new pair of feet to touch the earth.

Be strong in your journey,
And with those who walk beside you.
May the Spirit that gives you new life
Bless you with joy and peace.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Earth Herself Journeys

I have just finished reading Finding Earth, Finding Soul by Tim Macartney (of A fairly inspiring book about walking the 'Invisible Path', as he calls it, of a relationship with the earth/nature. I liked it because it came from a fairly neutral and braod viewpoint, from a spiritual perspective, of how to relate more closely with the earth beneath our feet (i.e. not specifically Christian, Druidic, Wiccan etc). There was one passage in the book that stood out for me, and here it is:

If we do not journey, we stand still. If we stand still, we atrophy. There is little middle ground.
The earth herself journeys. She is a great mentor for those that will listen. She risked the challenge of childbirth, invested millions of years in raising her human children, and now endures the challenge of teenage indifference. She cannot stop the experiments with dangerous drugs or fast cars. She has chosen to honour her promise - the gift of choice. Yet she is not the mother to endure destruction at the hands of these same children. Although risking deep hurt she will survive and she has many more millions of years before she gives herself back to essence, and another planet takes on the immense challenge of birthing life.

Whenever I see a dewdrop...

From my journal

I thank you for this landscape: the day that awakens before my eyes. A day than enhances and encourages the spirit to dance with desire and expectation. I pray that you will be my guide and inspiration on my journey.

For the one we have lost to the earth, may their tiny soul linger on in the hope of heaven. We welcomed their presence, if only for a short time; and there was life, but yet untouchable and unknowable. May we move on, forever in our hopes and dreams. Whenever I see a dewdrop on a morning leaf, may I remember them: a tiny diamond, glistening in the sunshine - pure, perfect and yet transcient - soon to join the clouds to dance again in freedom.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sitting on a Sunny Bench

The title is just an analogy for me just taking a few moments to add a few lines here. It's a bit like being on a long walk and finding a nice comfy wooden bench, bathed in early spring sunshine, and just sitting down to rest one's weary feet for a few minutes.

I am pondering a Post on being"Slow"... when I can get some space to write it!

Ah yes, the universe has been good to me. I have found a local Permaculture course which starts in May. I didn't quite jump up and down all day long with excitement, but I could have done. It will take quite a time commitment over three months but, having read around the subject for several years, it seems an amazing thing to find nearly on my doorstep. Can't wait!!!

Hands are bit tired at the moment from all the house decorating and a large amount of computer work, so typing Posts is not a priority.

Oh, poo - another lunchtime gone...