Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Barn in Snow

An imaginery little skctch on the iPad exploring a watercolour style of working.

Thursday, 13 December 2018


Today I visited Witney in Oxfordshire for work purposes and had quite a bit of time hang8ng around. Three iPad sketches from the day: a group of fictitious people - I sketched these then rubbed out their noses, redrew all the noses and then filled in detail; then two sketches drawn in Cafe Nero. The one of an old man reading a newspaper was drawn very quickly and I wasn’t bothered about detail. The more pencil-like sketch was again drawn loosely without me worrying about accuracy.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Apple Weaver

Some of you may already know I am writing a novel based on farming life in Worcestershire. As part of the process, I am producing a small, very limited edition booklet of nature/farming observations, short stories and illustrations inspired by some of my research. The ‘stories’ are more like teasers for longer pieces of writing - just like rough sketches are made before a final painting. They combine elements of natural history, farming, fictional characters, weddings, cabbages, magic and mysterious happenings in the countryside. The booklet is a mix of real life observations blending into quirky fictional writing.
If you would like a copy it is called 'The Apple Weaver' and it is an A5, 44 page professionally digitally printed and bound booklet. Pre-orders by Sunday this week, 9 December, to me. Cost is £5 a copy, payable on delivery, expected the week before Christmas.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Pallet Christmas Tree

We wanted a less tinsley, glittery Christmas this year so we gave away our 6ft inmitation Christmas tree to a local community project and decided to do something different. Instead, I made a 'tree' from old timber palettes. I found some pallets at work, broke them up, pressure washed, cut and then roughly sanded strips of wood. These were then screwed to a simple wooden frame and small shelves added. The tree was then placed on my father's old painting easel which has finally found a good use.