Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Working from home

Working from home. Gave myself 49 minutes to do this, the length of a particular CD I was listening to.

Sunday, 26 April 2020


 I am enjoying the results of doing some illustrations like this, though I don't really enjoy the process of doing them. This took a while to do, according to my iPad it took 14 hours and 28 minutes. I tend to get distracted easily so I hid myself in the summerhouse today to finish it off.  90% pleased with the result.

Shed Wall

What's on the wall: sketch for Beds Urban Sketchers challenge. Decided to draw what was on my shed wall.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Street View

I am doing a few sketches as part of a challenge set by Bedfordshire Urban Sketchers group, of which I am part. This was a very, very quick ink and watercolour sketch made on our driveway on the theme of 'Street View'. I will post some of the better drawings here, others are on instagram #matthewslaterart.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020


This was a pleasant challenge. I was inspired by stuff like this on Instagram and thought I would have a go. I am 95% pleased with it, not too happy with the figure but I had had enough of it after quite a few hours of stopping and starting and not being too sure how it would turn out. 

Garden Developments

As I have currently had a little more time on my hands due to having to work from home and take some holiday, I have been able to make a few small changes to the garden. Fortunately, I bought all my seeds and compost a day or so before the garden centres all closed.  I have restructured the pathway through the vegetable patch to form two paths and created a new pergola from pieces of woods I had been saving for a rainy day. Fortunately, the weather has been superb and after three or so days of hard work I am exhausted - what with taking up, pressure washing and relaying paving slabs; taking up turf, creating a path, redoing all the edging, reformating a flower bed, building the pergola, hand sieving my compost heap and loads of other fiddly jobs I am now ready to start sowing seeds. One of my neighbours resprayed nearly all his wooden fence panels and did our at the same time. Which was nice.