Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where shall I go today?

After watching one of my favourite films a few weeks ago, the original Wicker Man, I was inspired by Lord Summerisle's armchair to draw this. I started it many days ago but then got tied up with moving house and now I am trying to get back to being creative again.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


View from the very south eastern edge of Loughrigg Fell looking east over Ambleside. Sunlight was a bit bright thus my colours are a bit off. Had a decent walk this day in warm bright sunshine for most of the day but I arrived back at the holiday cottage drenched.


The dappled sunlight on this old stone bridge and trees was wonderful and I was pleased with this sketch. I was interrupted several times by curious onlookers but I don't usually mind showing people what I am up to.

Troutbeck Valley

My daughter went pony trekking along this path and I took a photo of the view and worked on the picture over several hours later in the day. It took various attempts to find a brush on the iPad and a style of working that I was happy with and, in the end, I was rather pleased with the result.

Limefitt Park, Troutbeck.

I sketched this old barn that was now being used as stables whilst my daughter went pony trekking for an hour. It was at the end of a long bumpy road which required a certain amount of driving ingenuity to reach. The old stonework was a challenge to draw and I'm not too happy with the sketch. The sun kept coming out from behind the clouds which didn't help either.

Brathay Quarry, Ambleside

An old building and some huge blocks of slate at the edge of this quarry. A footpath ran along the edge of the workings and I sketched the beautifully coloured rocks on one of my evening walks.

Wray Castle, Ambleside

View from the front of the National Trust property of Wray Castle on the edge of Lake Windermere not far from Ambleside. This was sketched over a photo I had taken as the sunlight was too bright to draw in. The green fields reached out towards the distant lake and hills with a few far away sheep dotted here and there.